YOUness is about your uniqueness, oneness and the power and beauty within you.

Dear reader,

We want to let you know we understand you. The daily struggles may resemble a jungle often. No matter how much you try not to let them affect you, the agitation, deadlines, traffic, city hustle, various roles that you have to fulfil in society – all these leave marks on us. Our mind often fills up with tension, the body with toxins and sometimes you want to have available a magic pause button that can stop the whole world in motion.

Therefore you notice small changes, or even symptoms of a disease, that you do not know which part of all of the above your is behind them, who or what to blame, knowing too well that the magic pause button is just a fantasy?

What we try to achieve at Youness wellness clinic started many years ago, while exploring and driven by an immense desire to find a place that provides purification, healing, happiness, love and relaxation. For that, we met extraordinary specialists along the way, we saw wonderful places, where we were able to see with our own eyes the benefits of relaxation and alternative therapies, as well as the important role they have along side positive energies in preventing and combating diseases.

Furthermore we found the perfect relaxing location, created special programs for preventing and fighting a multitude of diseases (from the lightest to the most complex), gathered the finest ingredients, were joined by the best specialists in the field and we made a dream come true in a forest right outside Bucharest, a wonderful place that seems detached from the fairy tales.

Even if we are a wellness clinic, we do not consider you a patient, but our dear guest.

So let us assure you, we will do everything we can to improve your overall well-being and offer you full support all the way on your healing journey.

And on the day of your departure we wish you to take a bag full of health, positive energy, love and best of health to help you in the future “daily struggles” we all want to escape.

I am you, you are me, and we one

Reconnect with your inner self

YOUness is about YOU, your uniqueness, oneness and the power and beauty within your soul.

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