Pre / post chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment

The VIR package is intended for people who are preparing or have just completed a chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.

With the main purpose of strengthening the body and the psyche.

Because these chemical procedures are very invasive, the main purpose of the treatment is to re-harmonize the functions of each cell in the body.

The treatments I apply (apitherapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, medical gymnastics, psychotherapy, relaxation / toning techniques, etc.) have the role of improving, among other things, blood circulation to a very deep level, to allow the achievement of other important goals for health such as the protection, hygiene, regeneration, multiplication and harmonious functioning of all cells in the body.

You will benefit from the following procedures:

Food detoxification
Personalized diet therapy and phytotherapy
Individual psychotherapy
Eating habits education sessions
Wet and dry sauna sessions with propolis or lavender infusions
Access to the jacuzzi and pool
Respiratory control sessions
Access to the Cardio Room
Access to indoor and outdoor seating areas
Forest walking sessions and reconnection with nature


Dedicated treatment schedule
Personalized massages and procedures
Personalized diet
Medical gymnastics
Relaxation techniques

Package Included:

Accommodation in twin room
3 vegetarian meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Herbal teas, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices,
Kangen alkaline water
Fruit, seed and nut snacks

The number of nights is optional.
Our recommendation: retreat for at least 3 nights

Lovingly awaiting for you!

80 euros / night

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