Therapeutic Feast

resetting the body by black or intermittent fasting

The most recent and revolutionary discovery of alternative medicine, for which the Nobel Prize was awarded, is healing through controlled and conscious starvation.

The principles are exact, and the results are undeniable, healing is achieved by resetting the body at the cellular level.

Depending on your personal case and the reason for choosing this method, we support you with a rigorous program, as well as with the natural supplements necessary in the safe development of the job.

You will benefit from the following procedures:

Liquid detox diet
Individual psychotherapy
Eating habits education sessions
Sessions for integrating the method into daily life
Detoxification sessions in a wet and dry sauna
Inhalations with propolis and essential oils
Access to the jacuzzi and pool
Breath control and mindfulness sessions
Access to the Cardio Room
Access to indoor and outdoor relaxation areas
Forest walking sessions and reconnection with nature


Personalized massages and procedures

Package Included:

Accommodation in twin room,
Kangen alkaline water

The package is customized according to everyone’s needs.
Our recommendation: 3-night, 10-night or 21-night retreat

Lovingly awaiting for you!

70 euro / night

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