For the most common diseases today

The technological explosion of today transforms everyday life into a small jungle that subtly redirects attention from the inside to the outside. We are caught in a permanent chase after more. More success, more money, more fun, less presence. The effects of this trap are reflected in the diseases of the century: respiratory diseases, rheumatic diseases, urogenital problems, obliterating arteriopathy, immune system diseases, dermatological diseases, diabetes, obesity, gastro-duodenal ulcers, multiple sclerosis, and the list goes on.
For all these diseases, we designed SANTE, the package that comes with customized solutions, structured by our specialists in the form of a treatment, depending on the patient’s needs.

You will benefit from the following procedures:

Food detoxification
Personalized diet therapy and phytotherapy
Individual psychotherapy
Eating habits education sessions
Wet and dry sauna sessions with infusions of propolis or lavender
Access to the jacuzzi and pool
Respiratory control sessions
Access to the Cardio Room
Access to indoor and outdoor relaxation areas
Forest walking sessions and reconnection with nature


Dedicated treatment schedule
Personalized massages and procedures
Personalized diet

Package Included:

Accommodation in twin room
3 vegetarian meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Herbal teas, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices,
Kangen alkaline water
Fruit, seed and nut snacks

The number of nights is optional.
Our recommendation: retreat of at least 3 nights

Lovingly awaiting for you!

80 euro / night

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