Dark Room Therapy

Throughout history, „the dark room therapy”, has been one of the spiritual practices reserved, generally for initiates, for those who have traveled a certain path and are about to move to another stage of evolution.

Jesus Christ retrieved in the darkness of the Dead Sea caves, Queen Hestia traveled in the darkness and brought fire from the depths of the earth and that Zamolxis stayed in the cave for three years before fulfilling his great mission. The Solomonians, magicians of the Old Tradition, received the great initiation only after living for a time in the darkness of a cave.

Today, the darkroom therapy is used both in psychological practice, as a very effective tool in personal spiritual development, but also medically, in therapeutic practice.

We invite you to experience a unique, healing, evolutionary and revealing therapy, spending from 3 days to 14 days in a totally opaque darkness.

In the rooms of our clinic, carefully equipped for this therapy, together with doctors and psychotherapists well prepared for this advanced to help you though the therapy process.

At first, adaptation occurs. We get out of the daily agitation, we recover our sleep, we balance and relax.

Then we enter into ample processes of awareness of our own emotions of awareness and activation of energy centers and implicitly of energy fields.

i Finally, we develop our ability to perceive the environment as a multidimensional reality.

We will listen to the silence, we will experience the tactile perception of the different textures, we will discover the light inside us, which will become our guide and radiating around us, will take the place of darkness.
Gradually, fear will turn into courage, weakness will become strength, and mistrust will be replaced by trust.

Both metamorphosis and HEALING will be ample and profound.

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