Close to our heart

Dr. Stefan Stangaciu
(honorary president)
Stuart Wilde
(the clinic is dedicated to him)
Dr. Vanessa Youness

Close to our heart

Dr. Stefan Stangaciu (honorary president)

Dr. Stangaciu is certified in acupuncture, api-phyto-aroma therapy, trainer in apitherapy and author of specialized books in several languages. He also holds the position of president of the German Society of Apitherapy, as well as that of president of the Romanian Society of Apitherapy.

Mister. Stangaciu never stops exploring, informed and specialized in these fields, the desire to help his fellows being his „fuel” permanently.

He now has online students from 90 countries, and this year he joined the clinic to offer both general consultations and personalized treatments.

Besides the fact that he is a renowned specialist in his field, Dr. Stefan Stangaciu is also a special speaker, whom you will be able to get to know better during the courses he teaches at the YOUness clinic in five languages.

Before meeting him in person, you can find out more about him here.

Stuart Wilde (the clinic is dedicated to him)

A beloved brother and friend of the team and people from all over the world, author of over 20 books on balance and personal development, translated into 27 languages ​​and sold to millions of children worldwide.

Even though he never considered himself a guru, Stuart has positively influenced the lives of millions of people around the world, preaching about freedom, love and respect for all his fellow men and nature.

He campaigned strongly for animal rights.

He loved to meet people in person at small workshops and conferences, so throughout his life he participated in many such meetings where he met and cheered the souls of thousands of people.

Stuart expressed his desire and vision to create a series of clinics dedicated to healing people through medicine and alternative therapies, which is why the concept of YOUness WELLness Clinic & Retreats is dedicated to him.

Dr. Vanessa Youness (founder)

Dr. Vanessa Youness, after graduating from the Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca, came to Bucharest to specialize in post-traumatic reconstructive surgery.

In her first year of specialization, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and then chose to give her energy to a concept of alternative natural medicine.

A treatment option she has successfully chosen for her diagnosis.

During the development of the YOUness WELLness Clinic & Retreats project she left her personal touch in all it’s stages.

YOUness WELLness Clinic & Retreats, its not just a destination, but a soul project.

Born out of love and attention to the smallest details.

Everything to provide a complete healing and holistic experience.

An inexhaustible source of positive energy, Dr. Vanessa Youness does not hesitate to share it, with those around her, even if only through her positivity, enthusiasm and smile.

Asked why she chose this path and what motivates her, the answer is always the same „Out of love for people!”.

Dr. Vanessa Youness strongly believes that any human body is fully equipped and prepared for self-healing and prevention in natural ways.

This clinic is a realization of her vision and belief that healing begins from the inside out, thus providing complete healing: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

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