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cu ajutorul dr. Stefan Stangaciu

“Today, with the help of Dr. Stefan Stangaciu, whom I thank for their friendship, help and support along this way, of the miraculous bees we thank too little for all their contribution to maintaining life on earth, to my mother who has constantly sought treatment for her child’s MS and found in a book by Stuart Wilde his exhortation to humanity to go to the South American Ayahuasca treatment for the prevention and cure of the triggering causes underlying a very wide spectrum of diseases.

I say all this, smiling at all the specialized books, which classify this disease as one with no cure and with a gloomy prognosis.

I am proof that this disease can be stopped from evolution and even cured with will, love and discipline, and one of the lessons learned during these years is that the disease must be viewed and received as a chance for our soul to be understood , forgive, love, accept, release, clean and transcend. ” – Dr. Vanessa Youness

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