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Apitherapy, is often called bee therapy and involves, in principle, the use of bee products, to treat a wide range of diseases and their symptoms, as well as pain caused by acute and chronic injuries.

There are a number of products that are beneficial to health that are used in apitherapy :

royal jelly.
Bee venom

The main one we use at YOUness WELLness Clinic is bee venom.

The use of bee products and, in particular, bee venom is found in multiple therapeutic packages of our clinic.

Apitherapy is one of the most effective and long-lasting therapies of the Earth, it dates back to ancient Greece, Egypt and China.

We are honored that the President of the Romanian Society of Apitherapy, the President of the German Association of Apitherapy Dr. Stefan Stangaciu (CV Dr. Stefan Stangaciu) is also the honorary president of YOUness WELLness Clinic, Him being the Dr. who introduced to apitherapy, the founder of the clinic Dr. Vanessa Youness (book) diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 13 years ago and successfully treated and cured by Dr. Stefan Stangaciu with the help of APITERAPY.

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