Reconnect with your inner self

YOUness is about YOU, your uniqueness, oneness and the power and beauty within your soul.

our location

We want to assure you, we understand you.

We know your daily struggles and we know how everyday life can look like a jungle.

Your mind can become full of tension, your body of toxins and sometimes you want to have a magic button at your disposal, which can stop everything from moving.

We offer you that button.

You can find it below.

Press it with confidence and love.

Discover this magical place just for you and your soul.

unforgettable experience

nature's beauty

The domain extends over an area of ​​10,000 square meters of private property, fenced and guarded, embraced by a magical forest through which a river passes.

A true temple of reconnection with nature and the present moment.


Change comes from within, and the physical body is the vehicle to the truth.

Look at it as you would look at a temple.

Love him, respect him, give him gratitude.

Healing is possible only in a clean, harmonious environment, and food is the energy that facilitates this.

Discover our detox and inner balancing programs


he secret of harmony lies in the balance between discipline and pleasure.

The small precious moments of self-care, increase the levels of serotonin in the body, contributing to our general state of well-being.

Our SPA facilities are complemented by massages and personalized procedures, thus creating an interior wellbeing space.

group events

YOUness WELLness Clinic & Retreats is more than a place of refuge and healing.

It is a platform made available to those who contribute to the light of the earth through activities organized in holistic fields, sports, personal development, workshops, etc.

Only by joining forces can we bring about change.

Only by joining forces do we attract change.

private events

Locations for organizing private indoor and outdoor events customized according to your preferences.

Three indoor event halls and two outdoor locations, in the forest and in the outdoor garden.

Packages designed for you


Relaxation and detox


Slimming and toning


Intensive detox


Immunity and allergies


Relaxation in the middle of nature


The celebration of love


The gift your soul needs


The ideal location for private and corporate events




Discover this magical place just for you and your soul.


I am you, you are me, and we one

Unique Clinique spcialized in

Natural treatment for multiple sclerosis

Decalcifying the Pineal Gland

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